NYC PediCab Ride of our Lives!! #BlogHer12

by Mary on August 23, 2012

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A couple weeks ago, we were in NYC for BlogHer 12. Two sisters, from a small town, in the BIG city. The city that never sleeps!  And let me tell you – it sure doesn’t!

The first day we arrived, we had a fabulous rooftop party hosted by Mom Central to attend in SoHo. We stayed at the Hilton which was about 50 blocks from the party location. We came downstairs to snag a cab and the line was so ridiculously long. We debated whether to attempt the subway. As we were contemplating, a nice gentleman driving a pedicab offered to give us a ride. For those of you that do not know what a pedicab is – it is a cart that is pulled by a bicycle.  It is much like those bicycle baby buggies you see, but larger.  He was quite expensive, so we said no thanks and went back to debating the subway.  We found out the woman in front of us was on her way to the same party.  Mr. PediCab Driver came back and offered a bit of a better deal to take all three of us to the party.  We decided to go for it and jumped in.

We had no idea that we were in for the ride of our lives.

He raced down 5th Avenue… blowing through red lights and weaving in and out of traffic like a mad man. We were all laughing and screaming for our lives.  He even turned and said “Don’t worry, I have to make it home too.  My girlfriend would kill me if I didn’t”  - Um, Thanks sir.  That was reassuring. (Not really)

At one point he went through a park and told us to “act like we belong, wave and smile” because he wasn’t supposed to drive the cart in the park. It was while in this park that we noticed that his face didn’t match the picture on the pedicab for the authorized driver. The three of began laughing to the point of tears as we realized the possibility that we may be riding in a stolen pedicab in a park that we were not allowed to be in. Just when we thought we couldn’t take anymore, we clipped a girl walking though the park.  Apparently, the poor girl wasn’t aware that she should be on high alert – paying attention and watching for oncoming pedicabs toting 3 ladies to a party. The worst part is that Mr. PediCab Driver did not even stop to apologize for almost taking the poor girl’s arm off.

Once we jumped the curb back onto the street, we didn’t have much further to go and we arrived outside the Thompson Hotel. We gathered our breathe, took a picture, and headed into the party. I turned and asked the man for a receipt that he had promised. He handed me a blank, generic receipt paper and told me to fill it out myself…. I mean, really, what would we expect after the ride of our lives!!??

We  headed into the party and rushed to the bar to calm our nerves!! And just think this was only the first night we were there!!

Tequila shots, anyone?

Seriously though… if you ever have the opportunity – Ride in a pedicab in NYC!  A truly unique and memorable experience!




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