Halloween DIY Chair Covers & Table Decor!!

by Mary on October 18, 2012

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My sister-in-law Nikol and I decided to bring out our “crafty” side out in the spirit of Halloween and create a Halloween themed dining room table!! We made Halloween Chair Covers, Place Tags, and a Center Piece. We did all of this for under $20 and in less than 2 hours. Let me show you how!!

Center Piece:

Take a wire basket and glue fake leaves on the inside. We used Elmer’s Craft Bond Spray Adhesive for the entire project. Use 2 mason jars or spaghetti sauce jars to fill with candy corns and place votive candles on top. We also glued leaves to top of the mason jars.  This way we can place the lids back on when the candles aren’t burning.

*We went to the Dollar Store and found this basket, jars, candy corn and package of 50 fall leaves. The candles were $0.50 each. The entire cost of this center piece was $5. This would cost even less if you have any of the items hanging out around the house.

Place Cards:

We purchased a package of 5 pumpkins and gourds from Dollar Store.  Using a black sharpie marker each piece was personalized for place cards on the table.  Bravo to Nikol for her ability to write Calligraphy simply by looking on the internet briefly.

The place tags were then glued to fall foam shapes that we also found at the Dollar Store. Total cost: $2. The finished product:

Chair Covers: 

Oh the fun part!! Be as creative or simple as you would like!! The chair covers are black pillowcases with felt designs. Choose your designs and create them out of felt. We free handed everything but you can always trace pics if you want. Cut out the felt and glue the to the pillowcases.  Easy! We had so much fun on these projects.

*The pillow cases were a total of $10 for 4 from Wal-Mart. The felt we used was under $2. Total Cost: $12

We used an orange tablecloth and placed remaining leaves around table. The final product looked like this:

I absolutely love the finished project!! These chair covers will be used for years to come!!

A special thanks to my sister-in-law, Nikol, for all her help!!

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