Our Thanksgiving Donation Story!

by Mary on November 16, 2012

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I thought I would share a quick story of how easy it is to give back and help people!

Recently my close friend, Amanda, asked me to help to arrange a Thanksgiving food drive to donate to families in need. This was something I always wanted to do and I instantly agreed. We created a facebook invite with some of our close friends asking everyone to donate. The response and spirit took off immediately.  Everyone was so willing to help, it warmed my heart.

We met for dinner a few days later where everyone brought their donations. We had only asked everyone to bring a few items but everyone came with full bags of items to donate. We went in with the intention of feeding a family and now with everyone’s generosity we are going to be able to make several families lives a little easier this Thanksgiving! When we left dinner the back of my vehicle was completely full of donations! I was never so proud of the people I call my friends. Without hesitation, they all came together to make a difference and give back to our community.  Here’s a pic of just a portion of the donations we collected!!

In total we gathered over 20 cans of vegetables, 13 boxes of stuffing, 4 boxes & 3 bags of potatoes, 3 turkeys, 5 packages of dinner rolls, several desserts and lots of extras!!

This all came to fruition in just a few days!!  All it took was one person saying, “Hey let’s donate and help this Thanksgiving!”

Be the person to stand up and start your donation drive to help feed a family!

Every little bit helps! I know that everyone involved was thankful to be part of this. We have already started planning for our Christmas Toy Drive!!

Special Thanks to Amanda Sugar, Jennifer Whitford, Jennifer Norris, Amanda Crawford, Ann Gulliver, Lynn Farella, Jody DelBrocco , Ginny Rithven,  Amy Thomas & Jason Rinaldo!! Thank all of you for joining forces and making this happen.

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