Snow White and her Cockatiels

by Mary on January 8, 2013

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As most of you know, Lynn and I are sisters. What you don’t know is that our mother is Snow White! Yes the secret is out! Some may think the things we have grown to consider the norm to be a tad abnormal or maybe absolutely insane… but who cares what others think right? Our mother, who we love dearly, is one of the most amazing people I know. She raised 3 girls to be,  if  I may so say myself, pretty incredibly strong women!

Now… we started calling our mother, Snow White, when her and my father, Bob Villa, decided to fill in their large in-ground pool to create a coy pond with a waterfall and put every type of bird feeder up possible. Ummm…  Thanks Mom and Dad. We didn’t want to enjoy that pool that most people only dream of. Thankfully all your birds have a beautiful pond to enjoy! That’s whats important, right?

With that said, I must share her newest obsession that really ruffles my feathers, no pun intended!! Meet Baby and Dapple!!


Now… I am not sure exactly what possessed our mother to bring more animals into her busy life… but she did. And one was not enough. She didn’t want one to be lonely, so she got 2. Of course, right? She purchased the taj mahal of bird cages. I mean this thing is an insanely large 3 story bird cage.  Where would you even put something this large, you say? Well… she set it up right in her living room.  Of course! She also purchased this little playground (pictured above) so her babies could fly over… yes fly over and play when they wanted too.

This ‘flying bird all over the house’ concept freaked me out. I expressed to my mother I had concerns about the birds flying around. I am thinking has she lost her mind? Is it for real this time? Last I knew of, birds cannot be potty-trained and free-flying birds means  free-flying bird poop. Yes, I said it.  My mother calmly insisted that was not an issue because she had purchased them flight diapers.  She acts like I am crazy. Flight diapers, are we serious here?

I went to my parents home and sure enough the birds had flight diapers on as they flew and tried to land on my head. I freaked out! Flailing my arms around shrieking like a maniac. This must have scared the birds because they decided to land on my daughter’s fathers head instead!  I couldn’t stop laughing as he stood there in utter shock. I hadn’t even told him about these birds!

Moving on…  Diva Lynn lives 4 hours away from us and was coming home for a visit. I informed her what was taking place and she was less than happy. Apparently, Lynn has a wee bit of bird phobia. She informed our mother that she would have to stay in a hotel. There was no way she would mentally survive a bird perching upon her head.

The bird love craziness proceeded into the holidays when my mother posted this picture! Yes, this is a personalized stocking hanging from their bird cage! Again Mom, I love you but this is just getting weird! Should we be concerned? I don’t ever remember having a personalized stocking when we were growing up… What gives? LOL


The latest bird love craziness:  She bathes these birds once a week and posted this picture following their weekly bath. I feel this has left me with no choice but put her on blast! The caption on this photo was “Baby and Dapple getting dry after their Sunday bath. How romantic !!”  I replied “Maybe you should give them some privacy and stop watching them!”


These birds are very well taken care of and loved. That’s for sure!  Even Lynn has overcome her bird phobia (kinda, sorta, maybe). As long as they stay off her head.

We love you, Mom. XOXO



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