Stop Moving Fishy, Fishy!!

by Mary on January 9, 2013

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I live in a rural area. Some may call it the country! Lots of land and not so many neighbors! Lynn has even called my life a little diva redneck style. In the most loving way possible, of course. She loves receiving my texts to her about the fun and odd things that happen in my life on a daily basis!  This past Saturday, I had quite an interesting day. The man of the house loves to hunt and fish. I have absolutely no interest in doing either and have even less interest in eating what he may bring home! I will stick to buying my meat at the grocery store, thanks.  I know that it essentially comes from the same place, but I prefer not to eat something that I have seen with the eyeballs still in its head. Just my personal preference. To each their own.

The temperature is down and we finally have got snow. The lakes are frozen enough to go ice fishing. This is something that I don’t understand to begin with. Why would you want to go out on ice, drill a hole in the same ice that you plan to sit on and sit there for an entire day, staring in a little hole… trying to catch fish? Seems unsafe, cold and boring.

Anyways, Chris headed out this past Saturday and returned home at dark with a bucket of perch. He proceeds to bring this bucket of fish into the house. Lil’ Princess was so excited to see these fish. She starts freaking out because they have eyes! Not sure what she expected to see, but she thought it was absolutely hysterical that they had eyes!

Chris laid down newspaper on my kitchen counter, I stared at him in disbelief as he started to lay the fish out one by one onto my counter. I literally had to step back and pinch myself! Was I having a nightmare? I mean what was he planning to do with these. To make it worse apparently they still had some life left in them because they started flopping around. Yes – flopping around. Flopping wide-eyed fish on my counter! This sent me into a panic and Lil’ Princess into a laughing uproar. She started yelling at these poor fish saying, “Stop Moving Fishy Fishy!” Glad she was enjoying this episode.

I ask, “Are you really going to cut them up right here?” Lil’ Princess looks at me and with complete certainty replies, “yeah Mom that’s where the meat is.”  I think I may have experienced a bit of out of body here. Is this really happening? Is this taking place where I live?This all became too much for me. I immediately grabbed my phone and began to text explaining what was taking place in my home. I had to reach out. Someone help me! LOL. I then put on my coat, grabbed my purse and headed to my sister-in-laws to visit so I did not have to witness this!

A bit later my sister-in-law received this photo with the caption, “Don’t tell her Mom, but Lil Princess loves cooking and cleaning fish!”



This is the moment I realized Lil’ Princess may be more like Merida than Cinderella!!

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